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American Fiddler Vln Pt Huws Jones BHP

American Fiddler Vln Pt Huws Jones BHP

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The American Fiddler
Old-time, Bluegrass, Cajun and Texas Style Fiddle Tunes of the USA
Violin (or 2 violins), guitar ad lib.

Another addition to the hit series, making authentic folk music available in a flexible format suitable for teaching, busking and performance. Traditional music from Ireland, Isle of Man, Galicia, Wales, Brittany, Cornwall and Scotland. Explore the rich variety of the Celtic tradition, from the whirling energy of dances to the haunting melancholy of slow airs. Includes popular and lesser-known tunes including favourites such as "The Rocky Road to Dublin", "Alborada de Pontecaldelas", "Tros y Garreg" and "The Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre".

The full range of traditional fiddle repertoire is now at your fingertips! Using these generous collections, you can create your own ceilidh, barn dance, jazz club, Sarajevo street-café or Gypsy gathering. Some of this music is familiar, some more exotic, but all of it is absolutely authentic, faithfully arranged and, above all, hugely enjoyable.

Each title in the series is available in two formats: the violin edition (with an optional easy violin part and guitar chord); or the complete edition, which also includes both keyboard and violin accompaniments. Either format is hugely flexible, which means the music can be played as solos, duets or trios as well as with larger ensembles.

Edward Huws Jones has travelled extensively researching fiddle-playing traditions. In each book he explains the background of the particular musical style, giving his own suggestions for a lively performance. And to help recreate the spirit of the music, every book in the series is beautifully illustrated.

- Acadian Two-step (Cajun)
- Arkansas Traveller (Old-time)
- Bayou noir (Black Bayou Two-step) (Cajun)
- Bill Cheatem (Bluegrass)
- Blackberry Blossom (Bluegrass)
- Cotton Patch Rag (Texas Style)
- Cotton-eyed Joe (Old-time)
- Cripple Creek (Bluegrass)
- Dusty Miller (Bluegrass)
- East Tennessee Blues (Bluegrass)
- Fire on the Mountain (Bluegrass)
- Gray Eagle
- Johnny peu pas danse (Johnny Can't Dance) (Cajun)
- Leather Britches (Bluegrass)
- Les flammes d'enfer (The Flames of Hell)
- Little Maggie (Old-time)
- Little Sadie (Old-time)
- Little Saide (Old-time)
- Old Joe Clark (Old-time)
- Ragtime Annie (Texas Style)
- Sally Goodin (Bluegrass)
- Salt River (Old-time)
- Stoney Point (Old-time)
- The Eighth of January (Old-time)
- Tom and Jerry (Texas style)
- Turkey in the Straw (Old-time)
- Wagoner (Old-time)

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