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Telemann 4 Sonatas Treb Rec HM6

Telemann 4 Sonatas Treb Rec HM6

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"Der getreue Musikmeister" (The Faithful Music Master) occupies a special place in the history of musical publications, since, as far as has been hitherto established, it was the first musical periodical to appear regularly. A "Lection" was published every two weeks in the form of a four-page leaflet presenting vocal and instrumental music in various combinations. Today 25 such leaflets are available, bound as a volume with a preface and index.

The present edition (of four sonatas) is based on a copy preserved in the Municipal Library in Leipzig. The new edition omits arbitrary alterations; only the notation has been adjusted to conform to modern usage.

- Score with lightly realised keyboard part with figured bass

- Separate treble recorder and basso continuo parts

Sonata in F major TWV 41:F2 [Telemann, Georg Philipp]; Sonata in B-flat major TWV 41:B3 [Telemann, Georg Philipp]; Sonata in F minor TWV 41:f1 [Telemann, Georg Philipp]; Sonata in C major TWV 41:C2 [Telemann, Georg Philipp]

Four Sonatas for Treble Recorder and Basso continuo
from "Der getreue Musikmeister"

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