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Telemann 6 Partitas Desc Recorder HM47

Telemann 6 Partitas Desc Recorder HM47

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This edition of the Six Partitas for Violin (Flute, Oboe, Recorder) and Basso continuo by Georg Philipp Telemann, published under the title La Petite Musique de Chambre is based on a print issued by the composer
himself in Hamburg in 1728.

Telemann considerably restricted the range of the solo part of these partitas (b'' is the highest note, d' the lowest) so that they could be played on the most widely used melody instruments of his time, above all on the baroque oboe and the baroque transverse flute. His aim was to supply a great number of performers and music buyers with pieces that were as versatile as possible. This can be seen clearly in the preface of the Frankfurt first edition of 1716, where Telemann speaks of Six Partitas that are conceived and written in a light and singing style for the violin, the transverse flute and the keyboard, but above all for the oboe, so that they can be used not only by beginners as practice pieces but also by virtuosos, who can play them to their best advantage.

- Score with lightly realised continuo with figured bass, and two parts (melody intstrument, continuo)

Partia 1 in B-flat major TWV 41:B1 [Telemann, Georg Philipp]; Partia 2 in G major TWV 41:G2 [Telemann, Georg Philipp]; Partia 3 in C minor TWV 41:c1 [Telemann, Georg Philipp]; Partia 4 in G minor TWV 41:g2 [Telemann, Georg Philipp]; Partia 5 in E minor TWV 41:e1 [Telemann, Georg Philipp]; Partia 6 in E-flat major TWV 41:Es1 [Telemann, Georg Philipp]

Little Chamber Music: 6 Partitas for Violin (Flute, Oboe, Recorder) & Bc

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