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Vivaldi Oboe Concerto Fmaj RV458 MR

Vivaldi Oboe Concerto Fmaj RV458 MR

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Edition for Oboe and piano by Sandry Caldini
More oboe concertos by Vivaldi - or not?

Programme Notes:

It is difficult to determine exactly how many oboe concertos Antonio Vivaldi wrote. Just as with the C major Concerto RV 446 (MR2294) published in spring 2006, Vivaldi's authorship of the F major Concerto RV 458 is also contested. The doubts cannot even be dispelled by the existence of two sources from a large collection in Lund, Sweden. The Adagio central movement deserves our particular attention, as it was transmitted in different versions in the two sources. In this first edition for oboe and piano, the non-ornamented version is given first and followed by the version supplied by editor Sandro Caldini with ornaments typical of Vivaldi's time, which make this version of the Adagio particularly interesting for performers.

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