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Gane Making Music: Creative Ideas : Ins

Gane Making Music: Creative Ideas : Ins

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Making Music is an invaluable practical resource for all instrumental and singing teachers. It will ensure that you make the most of every minute of lesson time and gives you the necessary tools to develop a student's musicianship to the full.

Making Music presents 200 accessible and imaginative activities to improve students' musical understanding and aural awareness. Subjects include warming up, pulse and rhythm, basic musical elements such as harmonic progression, scales, melody, improvising, and composing. Some less tangible aspects of music-making, such as musical character and expression, are also explored.

Suitable for both group and individual lessons, and for students at all stages, Making Music provides a refreshingly practical approach to developing the whole musician.

Warming up
Playing with pulse and rhythm
Understanding basic musical elements
Playing with scales and chords
Making melodies
Improvising and composing
Making music - putting it all together

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