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Latin American Fiddler Vln Pt

Latin American Fiddler Vln Pt

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The Latin-American Fiddler
Violin Part only
Violin (2 violins), guitar ad lib.

Latin-American music, with its heady blend of Spanish, African and indigenous cultures, transports us into a unique world of sound. It is an exotic, surprising and often highly sophisticated musical language, yet at the same time it manages to be extraordinarily immediate and direct. Above all, this is music which communicates. Includes well-known tunes from Latin America including "El Condor Pasa" and "La Bamba".

The violin has always played a key role in Latin music, from the charanga bands of Cuba to the virtuoso fiddlers from the hotlands of the Mexican west. It has been a little eclipsed, perhaps, by the more brash and glitzy styles of salsa; but the violin is still valued everywhere for its ability to move naturally between singing lyricism and incisive rhythmic attack. This hit series makes authentic folk music available in a flexible format suitable for teaching, busking and performance. Suitable for players of all ages, including beginners and mixed ability groups, you can play the music as solos, duets, trios, or use it as a basis for forming a larger folk band.

The Fiddler Collections are taken from traditional fiddle repertoire for you to have at your fingertips! Using these collections you can create your own ceilidh, barn dance, jazz club, Sarajevo street café or Gypsy gathering. Some of the music is familiar, some more exotic, but all of it is absolutely authentic, faithfully arranged and, above all, hugely enjoyable.

The music is arranged for flexible strings, so you can play as solos, duets, trios or with a larger band. Available in two formats: Violin edition (with an optional easy violin part and guitar chords) and the Complete edition (also includes keyboard and violin accompaniments).

Suitable for players of all ages, including beginners and mixed ability groups. Beautifully illustrated, each book includes notes on the musical style and performance tips.

- O. Farres: Quizas, quizas, quizas (Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps)
- Z. Abreu: Tico-tico no fuba (Bird in the cornmeal)
- Traditional: Cielito lindo (Little heavenly one)
- Traditional: Takirari
- E. Jorrin: La engañadora (The swindler)
- Traditional, arr. J. Milchberg & D. Robles: El condor pasa (The flight of the condor)
- Traditional: La cucaracha (The cockroach)
- E. Nazareth: Apanhei-te, cavaquinho (I've got you, cavaquinho)
- Traditional: Vamos pastorcitos (Come, shepherds)
- J. Anckermann: Flor de Yumuri (The flower of Yumuri)
- N. Veranes: Estes indiferente (You are indifferent)
- Traditional: La bamba

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