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Mozart goes Jazz for Piano BA

Mozart goes Jazz for Piano BA

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Mozarts magnificent music as seen through the eyes of a brilliant jazz pianist and arranger.

This collection of easy jazz variations offers something special for everyone, whether lovers of classical music or jazz aficionados, whether beginners or advanced players. The arrangements plunge pianists into the harmonic universe of jazz, lending a new guise to such well-known pieces as the Rondo alla turca or the second movement of the A major Piano Concerto (K. 488). Most of all they offer glimpses into the art of piano improvisation and suggestions for the players own performance (Ger/Eng).

Delightful and easy-to-play jazz variants of standard Mozart works for the piano.
Suggestions for the player's own improvisations

The editor
Jean Kleeb, a Brazilian musician and successful jazz pianist living in Germany , deftly combines classical music and jazz in his arrangements. Mozart would have loved it!

Mozart Goes Jazz for Piano

Das klinget so herrlich; Sonata A major; Alla Turca; Ah! vous dirai-je, Maman; Rondo; Jazz Sonatine; Adagio quasi una Bossa Nova; Eine kleine Jazzmusik; Nocturne

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