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Mozart Misc Wks for Pno BA

Mozart Misc Wks for Pno BA

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This handy performance edition contains all of Mozarts miscellaneous works for piano, including those that arose from his study of Bach and Handel (e.g. the great C major Prelude and Fugue, K. 394/383a). It also includes Mozarts own arrangements of his orchestral dances and marches and several fragmentary fugues.

Many of these pieces appear for the first time in a performing edition. By assembling this widely despersed body of music, the renowned Mozart scholar Wolfgang Plath has produced a ground-breaking achievement. The definitive urtext from the New Mozart Edition ensures that the musical text is absolutely reliable and an indispensable basis for professional performances.

- Urtext of the New Mozart Edition

Miscellaneous Works for Piano

Piano and Organ Pieces K.33 B, K.624 (626a), K.284a, K.394 (383a), K.399 (385i), K.397 (385g), K.453a, K.485, K.511, K.540, K.574, K.355 (594a, KV6: 576b), K.401 (375e), K.154a (Anh. 109VIII, KV6: Anh. A 61/62) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]; Piano Versions of Danhces and Marches K.103 (61d), K.6: 61g II, K.94 (73h), K.176, K.deest (KV6: 269b), K.315a (315g), K.408/1 (383e/1, KV6: 383e), K.509, K.534 [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]; Appendix: Diversa, Fugue fragments [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]; K.Anh. 32 (KV6: 383C), K.111, K.396 (385f), K.528a (KV6: Anh. C 27.03), K.72a, K.Anh. 34 (385h), K.Anh. 34 (385h II; KV6: 576a) K.Anh. 35 (593a), KV6: 626b/48, K.73w, K.Anh. 41 (375g) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]; K.375h, K.Anh. 33 und 40 (383b), K.Anh. 39 (383d), K.154 (385k), K.153 (375f), K.Anh. 39a (KV6: 626b/27), KV6: Anh. C 27.10) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]

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