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Mozart Rondo Eb Hn KV371 BA

Mozart Rondo Eb Hn KV371 BA

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The present edition is a sensation for Mozart lovers, but especially for horn players. Mozart's Horn Rondo K.371 from 21 March 1781 just five days after his move from Munich to Vienna, has been known for a long time, and there have been many attempts to complete the incomplete instrumentation of this movement, which was drafted to the end, and thus to save the work. But what nobody knew, and with what Marie Rolf caused a small sensation at the Salzburg Mozart Congress in 1991 - Mozart's autograph was incomplete, missing four pages with 60 bars of music, but these have since resurfaced.

The American musician and musicologist Marie Rolf has carefully completed the missing instrumentation and presents Mozart's now complete Horn Rondo K.371 in a new edition for the first time. For the horn player, this edition represents a significant expansion of his standard repertoire.

Rondo in E-flat (K.371) (Horn & Piano)

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