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Rifftionary Chords/Lyrics

Rifftionary Chords/Lyrics

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The Rifftionary is quite simply the most essential book ever published for guitarists. Packed with over 130 killer riffs, from 'Ace Of Spades' to 'Ziggy Stardust', never before has so much riffing been crammed into one book.

Each riff is notated in either guitar TAB or chord box format, so there's no need to read music. Tuning and capo information is also included where appropriate. The Rifftionary is also packed with classic guitar trivia. For each riff, you get a guide to the original guitarist's set-up, how to recreate that sound using simple (and cheap) equipment, fascinating facts and guitar trivia as well as key lyrics.

Discover why Brian May contracted the Royal Mint to produce his own collection of sixpences or the truth behind the inspiration for 'My Sharona' and find out why playing 'Stairway To Heaven' could get you thrown out of guitar shops!

140 pages

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